Asphalt Sealing & Repairs

Our team can handle asphalt sealing for you in Lawton, OK

Stop Those Cracks From Getting Worse

Maybe your asphalt only has a few small cracks now, but they'll widen and deepen over time. You can prevent them by sealing them while they're small. Count on A&M Striping and Parking Lot Maintenance to provide asphalt crack sealing services in Lawton, OK.

We can also provide asphalt sealing services when you need to:

  • Repair potholes that have already developed
  • Flatten uneven areas of your asphalt
  • Refresh existing sealant on your asphalt

You can hire us to seal a single part of your asphalt or your entire asphalt surface, such as your parking lot. Email us today for a free estimate on asphalt crack sealing services.

How will we seal your pavement?

We'll apply a sealcoat, a blend of liquid and asphalt. This binds cracked asphalt together while locking corrosive chemicals out of the asphalt. It also prevents cars from skidding and improves the asphalt's appearance. To find out more about asphalt sealing, consult a local contractor right away.